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This might be the earliest I’ve decided to go to bed ever


I feel like shit and i have no money

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Artist: Unknown Joyce Manor
Title: UnknownLeather Jacket
Album: Unknown Joyce Manor
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Artist: Unknown Street Smart Cyclist
Title: UnknownWe Lack Science
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Artist: Unknown Street Smart Cyclist
Title: UnknownHoods Up
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Title: UnknownPine
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American Football - s/tBlack, 180g
So let’s just pretend anything and everythingBetween you and me was never meant
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meekenism said: What's the best way to stop cry over a girl


Hang out with friends, spend time with family, depending on what you do for work—ask for more hours (but don’t overwork), exercise, take walks, travel, find ways to work on yourself for yourself, start a project, fly a kite, remove memory triggers, eat some ice cream, force yourself to hit rock bottom, date some people, go outside more, reflect on both the good and the bad in the relationship, find peace, and/or contact Lacuna inc. about the potential of having your ex erased from your memory (210 E Grand St. New York, NY 10019)

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this literally looks like Dave
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Artist: Unknown William Bonney
Title: UnknownMonsters
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